An Integrated Program for ADHD Students

ADHD Advocates is aligned with HomeworkCoach, our innovative approach to helping ADHD students get organized and successful in school. Our Advocate will work with our Executive Function Specialist and homework coach to make sure they understand what’s in your IEP or 504 Plan; they can help monitor that the school is following the plan and that their approach to building your child’s executive function skills is aligned with what’s happening in school.

Our ADHD Advocate Supports Your Child in School…

Our Advocate will explain your rights and options as you work with the school to provide the testing and accommodations your ADHD child needs. We will help you review or request specific services to be included in your child’s IEP or 504 Plan. An advocate is usually available to attend school meetings with you.

…Our Homework Coach Supports Them at Home

Our homework coach helps your ADHD child stay organized, completing homework on time, planning longer terms projects and building executive function skills. They will also communicate with teachers and support your child’s achievement of IEP goals.  Read more about HomeworkCoach.


Our goal is to offer a fixed price service where possible, based on our initial (free) phone consultation. Given that every case is different, in many cases we will need to provide a rough estimate based on anticipated number of hours, charged at our reasonable hourly rate.

$ 95
Initial Consultation
$ 135
School Letters
$ 295
IEP Review
$ 95
Average cost per hour

Advocacy Information and Resources